Monday, May 19, 2008

What kids just *know* (those with opportunity to learn)

Katherine Anderson sent this link to the Unschooling Discussion list:
An article: Pro video game/comic books. Though not about unschooling, it's not anti-unschooling either. Also has an interesting comment on types of knowledge and the things you might be asked in the real world versus on a school test.

It's a May 12 column by Jim Mullen, called "You're damaging your brain with practical skills," but what it really addresses is how many truly practical skills young teens pick up from computer use. Here's the clincher moment, before he goes into a stream of great examples:

Dad stops typing and yells across the room to Billy, "What do you call those things that hold Web sites?"

Things that hold Web sites? Does he mean a bookmark? Does he mean an ISP? Does he mean a Web host?

"Server?" Billy guessed, not lifting his eyes from his IQ-draining game, which was wrecking his life.

I wonder how many professional basketball players and football players would have known the answer?