Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homeschooling Sees Dramatic Rise in Popularity

From "The Heritage Foundation" on January 28, 2009

"In December, the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics released new estimates on the number of American families homeschooling their children. The new report shows the growing popularity of homeschooling. In view of this trend, it is important that federal and state policymakers safeguard families' right to educate their children at home."

The article provides results of surveys on reasons people choose to homeschool, demographic information, benefits of homeschooling, and anticipated trends. It supports protecting homeschooling rights.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Big Kitchen with Food"

Five-year-old hosts cooking show
'Big Kitchen With Food' gets attention online

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Created On: Sunday, 11 Jan 2009, 11:45 AM EST

By Anthony Bartkewicz, special contributor

PORTLAND, Ore. - Five-year-old Julian Kreusser is the product of unschooling , a style of home-schooling in which kids direct their own learning toward their particular interests. Julian's interests have included cooking since he was 3 years old , and a mere two years later he's the host of his own cooking show.

On "Big Kitchen With Food," which airs on Portland, Oregon public access TV and online at , Julian's family helps with lightning, camera and editing but the recipes are all Julian's. They include a chocolate chip zucchini bread , a spaghetti sauce that's gotten raves around the world and something called "Yummy Yummy Citrus Boys."

The UK's Times Online reports that publishers are interested in a cookbook from Julian, tentatively titled "My Big Kitchen." Portland Community Media executive director Sylvia McDaniel believes that "Big Kitchen" "has potential to be a national program." In an interview with OregonLive , she said, "It's a wonderful show. We're just thrilled. He actually understands what he's doing. He's not just following orders."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Home schooling grows"


Top reasons cited by parents (could pick more than one):

• Concerns about the school environment (including safety, drugs, peer pressure): 88%

• A desire to provide religious or moral instruction: 83%

• A dissatisfaction with instruction at other schools: 73%

• An interest in a non-traditional approach: 65%

Source: Top home-schooling reasons in 2007 Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey
USA Today article, January 4, 2009
by Janice Lloyd

"The 2003 survey gave parents six reasons to pick as their motivation. (They could choose more than one.) The 2007 survey added a seventh: an interest in a "non-traditional approach," a reference to parents dubbed "unschoolers," who regard standard curriculum methods and standardized testing as counterproductive to a quality education."

The article has useful information, and the comments are good.