Friday, April 27, 2012

India, one brave teen

Aditi Parekh persuaded her parents to let her drop out of high school, and in India that's a doubly impressive feat.

It can be cool to ‘unschool’
Vaibhav Shastry, TNN | Apr 22, 2012,
The Times of India online


Unschooling: Aditi Parekh's way to happiness

When Aditi Parekh ascended the stage at the TEDx conference, no one expected the teenager to have such an impact on the proceedings. Within moments of her talk, the entire audience was buzzing discussing the topic of her intriguing essay — the phenomenon of ‘Unschooling’.

Coined by prominent educator John Holt, unschooling refers to a philosophy that allows children to learn through natural experiences such as playing, responsibilities and social interaction, as opposed to the more conventional method of school educative systems.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Defense of Video Games and other obsessions in kids

Penn Jillette Is Tired Of The Video Game Bulls***, an article at game informer dot com.

A graphic with a quote from that article is going around facebook, and someone brought the link above as the source of the text.

(At there's a page called Focus, Hobbies, Obsessions :