Monday, September 30, 2013

Unschooling: the new class of learning

This is over a year old, but was new to me (and my site is linked, but I hadn't seen the article):

EuroNews, 14 March 2012;

SPECIAL REPORTS learning world
Unschooling: the new class of learning

Brief, excellent, has a video.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sandy Lubert, on TVO in Ontario this month

There is an article by Sandy Lubert at
Sandy Lubert on Unschooling
          and deschooling, and changes...

notes for a talk given in Toronto in May, 2006

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Article on Homeschooling, leaning toward unschooling, Southern California

Home school no longer just for the deeply religious, enters mainstream

Not a very good title for the article; I think the editor didn't read very carefully. But Pam Sorooshian was interviewed, and that helps. There's a comparison to some statistics from 2007 and 2012, but it explains why those don't cover everyone. And in neither set was there a majority of religious homeschoolers.

Much of the focus is on how homeschoolers can get into California universities. Wes Beach is quoted, too.

The same article is in the Los Angeles Daily News site, so I'm not sure what the arrangement is between the two. Los Angeles Daily News' byline is "By Rob Kuznia, LA Daily News" and at the bottom it says "Rob Kuznia covers education for the Daily Breeze," so perhaps The Daily Breeze is a subsidiary.