Saturday, August 24, 2002

Homeschooling off the grid

I recently had occasion to explain how homeschooling works with our family's traveling lifestyle. Because laws regarding homeschooling vary from state to state, trying to comply with them could easily become a nightmare if we let it. Next time you go out of state on vacation - if you're lucky enough to get to do that - take a peek at how quickly your destination state requires children to be enrolled in school. Most states give you only a week to ten days, and a permanent residence somewhere else isn't any excuse for not complying!

Usually we find ourselves in a situation where it would take longer to comply with the homeschooling law than we would actually be living in the state. A ridiculous predicament, to be sure, and a sad demonstration of the burden homeschoolers in so many states have to bear.

Because we have the great good fortune to live in a free state homeschooling-wise, and can flee oppression elsewhere if the need arises, we have chosen a simpler route. We just go on living our lives, learning as we go, and ignore the legal hoops and chains that would only waste our precious time. In the past I have said that we homeschool underground. But how can I call it that when what we do is so deliberately out-in-the-open, and brings so much joy and light into our lives? We're living blissfully "off the grid" when it comes to school.

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