Saturday, March 13, 2004

More of a revolution than you thought

From Amber Pawlik's lengthy rant at on the homeschool revolution we glean these gems:

"There is a home schooling revolution in this country. And the leftists know it. And it drives them nuts."


"Home-schooled children are also grounded in principles and morals, something anathema to the left.

"The success of the home schools drives leftists nuts. First, it proves one does not need to be an “expert” to do something as simple as teaching a child K – 12 course material. Leftists become increasingly unable to make parents feel inferior in parenting and raising their own children. Most of all, though, leftists know one thing: home-schooled children tend to come out Republican."

Pssst... Amber! Wake-up call! Many homeschooling parents are leftists. And their children too. Pretty revolutionary, huh?

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