Monday, May 14, 2007

Sarah Sobonya says unschooling led to creativity

"When I look back on our eight years of unschooling, what strikes me most is how much fun we’ve had. I never expected unschooling to be so much fun. In a way, it’s been a kind of an endless summer: eight years of watching Rain follow her whims and her dreams and of learning and growing alongside her.

"With unschooling, no two days are the same. Some days we rise late and spend the day puttering around the house, maybe baking pancakes and reading together, gardening or watching movies. Other days we’re up early and off to museums or classes or berry-picking or visits with friends."

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Lawrence Journal World
May 13, 2007

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Scott Hughes said...

That's what's great about unschooling. It inspires creativity and freedom of expression, rather than try to smother it like schools do. Thanks! You might like