Sunday, April 05, 2009

Britain and US: worst places for children

2.10 Britain and US: worst places for children

An UNESCO report places the UK an the US on the lowest places of a list of countries, looking to the well-being of children, and places the Netherlands on the top of the same list.

As we know, UK and US are usually quite proud on their policy of 'protecting' children - against myths, as we saw in the articles here before - and usually have lots of critics on the policy of the Netherlands with its liberal climate, including sexual openness and education. Now, the Netherlands may be proud, and let the UK and the US think twice or more about their policy.

Three articles here below give more details.

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~K~ said...

So this is interesting. Just what *has* the UK and the US been spending on the last 30 years??? Not kids. Ok. But I wonder. What was more important?