Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Grow Thyself," Urban Tulsa Weekly

Grow Thyself

The pupil becomes the teacher as children activate the self-directed form of education called unschooling


I didn't make my kids learn anything," Leslie Moyer explained as she nibbled nonchalantly on a scone.

"Pardon me?"

"Well, I did make suggestions. For example, multiplication tables seem to be the question that always pops up. My son is one class shy of a math degree and he doesn't have his multiplication tables memorized." Her son, Matt, is 22.

This methodology, called "unschooling," is considered perhaps the most radical approach to homeschooling—yet it is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing concept within alternative education.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this theory of education. If I hadn't been made by my parents to learn my multiplication tables I never would've learned them! To me'unschooling'is a slow and poor method of education.

Sandra Dodd said...

Multiplication tables don't take twelve or thirteen years to learn, though. Unschooling isn't "a method of education." It's a philosophy of whole-life learning, of learning real things in real ways, rather than memorizing.

I know it's difficult to understand it, at first, for just about everyone.