Sunday, July 25, 2010

"I Have Completed This Period of Indoctrination"

(the beginning of the article "When I leave educational institutionalism, will I be successful or forever lost?"
Sunday, July 25, 2010 - Helping to Homeschool by Amie Beal):

Among the congratulatory plaudits and cliches passed out at the annual commencement ceremonies, one valedictory speech was delivered this spring with a refreshing twist.

"I have successfully shown that I was the best slave. I did what I was told to the extreme. While others sat in class and doodled to later become great artists, I sat in class to take notes and become a great test-taker. While others would come to class without their homework done because they were reading about an interest of theirs, I never missed an assignment. ... So, I wonder, why did I even want this position? Sure, I earned it, but what will come of it?"
Enter one Erica Goldson, valedictorian of Coxsackie-Athens High School, class of 2010.

"I Have Completed This Period of Indoctrination"

You may have come across the text of Goldson's speech - it's been making the rounds on the internet.

Forsaking the typical "first day of the rest of our lives" quotations and Dr. Seuss, Goldson chose instead to fire a clear shot across the bow of public education, a deliberately incendiary projectile from a departing star member of the ranks.

More of the article at the Washington Times site:

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