Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christian Unschooling

I've been working on web links and updating Christian resources. This seemed a good place to mention that.

Imagine being a homeschooler and getting pressure from relatives, friends, schools...
Imagine being an unschooler, and getting pressure from relatives, friends, schools and homeschoolers.
Imagine, then, being a Christian unschooler, and getting pressure from relatives, friends, schools, homeschoolers and other unschoolers.

It can't be easy. It is NOT easy. If anyone has resources in addition to these that promote gentle, natural parenting for Christians, please leave a comment with a link.

The pages I was working on:
Overcoming Pressure from Conservative Christians to Spank

Unschooling in the World

Links I've added or spruced up:
Christian Unschooling:

Christian Unschooling (facebook page):

Parenting in Jesus' Footsteps:

Parents for Nonviolent Parenting:
A yahoo group I had listed has disappeared, but here is a search page for Christian unschooling groups on yahoo; this is not a recommendation, just a resource:


Darcel said...

Sparkling Adventures blog has a growing list of unschoolers.

Life On Planet Earth said...

This is SUCH a great resource. I am in the adoption community and it seems that 90% of this community is also part of the Christian community. A HUGE percentage of adoptive families are also in the home-schooling community. I will be dropping this link for sure.

abi said...

A friend of mine has a link to this website on her blog:

I have only glanced at it but it looks like it would meet your criteria.

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks, Darcel and Abi. I'll create a new page for all these links.

I'll put it here: