Monday, January 03, 2011


I wanted to catch up with Beatrice Ekoko, of RadioFreeSchool.

Beatrice, tell me about your grown unschoolers series, please, and about what's new on your site.
I'm always interested in hearing from grown unschoolers and so exactly a year ago, I started a focused, ongoing piece on the subject for the radio free school project.

I've had the opportunity to interview or receive guest posts from at least 18 grown unschoolers/ parents of grown unschoolers and have more lined up for the new year.

You can read the interviews on the blog by clicking on the Grown Unschoolers link under Popular Posts.

Most recently I've spoken with Kate Fridkis of and you can read the interview at the blog at
or listen to it at

I have interviewed quite a few and always looking for more!

What are you learning from these grown unschoolers?
That they are mostly all pleased with their education; that they continue to love learning; that they are not afraid of being different or weird, that they are as 'well rounded' as anyone else is, that they are passionate about what they do and that they continue to be self-directed in their lives.
I've learned that many of them are deeply engaged in their own communities—in creating community and basically living lives that they feel are full and interesting and pleasurable.

Tell me about your other projects. What's new on your site?
Radio Free School:
Tantrum space for people who eschew factory learning in favour of unschooling, open source learning, community based, learning without school.

Our family produced this weekly radio show ('for by and about home based learners') for seven years. After a year's hiatus, we are back every so often, but using a 'strictly interview' format only now.

You can listen to up to 220 past shows etc at

Radio Free School blog was started by the un-schoolers at radio free school. We continue to blog about all things pertaining to freedom in learning.

Please continue to visit our blog and add your voice to the comments that help spark new posts that we can all learn from, on our journey to make life and learning one.

Here's an interview Beatrice did with me in 2005:—Sandra

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