Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News from India

I have a note from Urmila Samson. So that no one else has to google anything, I've hotlinked it.\
The conference Hema mentioned was at Deer Park Institute, Bir, Himachal Pradesh. You may want to google that. It's up in the mountains, with snow caps as a back drop. Some brave folks went para gliding. There were numerous monastries (I didn't realize we have so many Tibetans studying years and years in the style of ancient Indian universities like Nalanda University started in way back BC). You may find Shikshantar worth googling too. They have an unschooling attitude to Development issues, and have started Swaraj University which is an unschooly college. Another fellow associated with them named Claude Alvares, is putting together a Multiversity, which is a sort of unschooly university. All these people are worth meeting on your next visit to India. Grown unschoolers from the US usually find them and then find us through them! This was an 'un conference' around the themes: Compassion, Courage, Contemplation and Creativity. The Prime Minister of Tibet in exile, Prof. Rinpoche himself addressed us on the 5th and last day. There was meeting of head and heart, community cooking, stuff for children to do and places to visit. Multi generational, multi cultural, multi socio economic...A guy from Egypt who lived on the street overlooking the recent action...You'd have enjoyed being there!



AN ADDITION, forwarded by Urmila, who wrote "Here's a link that describes it more clearly. I think Tana and Warren come from Canada.
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Here is a blog post that Rennie and I wrote for Organization Unbound on our experience of the Learning Societies gathering:

We'd love to hear your thoughts, insights...

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This is a video of Claude Alvares from another conference:

The paper to which he refers is (I think) this: Launching the Multiversity

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