Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catholic Unschooling

A Little Way of Homeschooling, a book by Suzie Andres, with stories of a dozen families, eight of whom are unschoolers.

The link above leads to an interview which is in itself very informative, and here is the link to the Amazon page with reviews and an image of the book (with "look inside" option): Amazon listing for A Little Way of Homeschooling [Paperback]

(Goofing around with the search, I see I'm mentioned in there three times. Wow.
And not a link to my site, which is what I expected might be in there. —Sandra)


Suzie Andres said...

Dear Sandra,

Thanks to Faith, one of the contributors to A Little Way of Homeschooling, I've found this post and your page here.

I should clarify: I first "found your page" - but a paper page - about 10 years ago when I read your column in HEM each month. Thank you for those essays!

You are right about our book - a link to your site would have made sense...

Sadly I'm not online as much as I'd like and so can't keep up well with blogs and such. In fact, one of the reasons I put the book together was to get onto physical pages the experiences of these wonderful unschooling (and unschooly) families I'd found online but couldn't keep up with there.

As it turned out, I kept A Little Way's appendix "Our Internet Places" super short, mentioning only the blogs of contributors, a couple of email lists and forums where the contributors hang out, and then just adding on and pat farenga's sites. I was worried that if I started listing other excellent unschooling blogs, etc., I'd either go on too long and/or accidentally forget some.

Anyhow, I'm delighted to find you giving your readers a heads-up about our new book, and now I'm off to some of my regular internet places to give some of my readers a heads-up about your site.

yours joyfully in unschooling,

Sandra Dodd said...

Suzie, maybe this would be the best link to give them:


Leonie said...

Just popping in to say hi... And wanting to explore your site more, Sandra!

Mary Alice said...

I LOVE this book. It is so encouraging and a fun read. I highly recommend it, even to families who are not Catholic. Seeing unschooling lived out in different families is always interesting.

Suzie Andres said...


Thanks! I love your format there! And I particularly enjoyed "The more they get..."

I've offered the link you suggested on my favorite unschooling email list. Now I'm off to order your book!

with love,

Suzie Andres said...

One good book leads to another.
Just bought and downloaded the PDF of your Big Book of Unschooling from Lulu. It's going to be a great reading fest in our house tonight!
Looking forward to it,

Scott Harmon said...

My wife just bought this book a couple of weeks ago and I have found it compelling. My wife and I (mostly my wife) homeschool our 5 children and this book was a real eye opener. The stories about the families and how they came to the idea of unschooling and how they actually do that are very informative. We will be implementing ideas that we read about in this book.