Monday, August 20, 2012

The "Parental Intelligence" site

This is Bob Collier writing to let you know that the Parental Intelligence website has now become a static resource with the completion of a new home page, where you can view a list of everything that's currently on the website and read something of the story of the Parental Intelligence Newsletter. Every issue of the newsletter going back to July 2007 can be found in the Archive.

Please bookmark for future reference.

Thank you for subscribing to and reading the Parental Intelligence Newsletter. Thank you for the pleasure of your company though we may never have met each other in person. Thank you for your time and your kind and encouraging words over the years.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to be of help to you in your parenting adventure and wish you all the happiness and success you would wish yourself.

Bob Collier
Canberra, Australia

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