Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Video Game Curriculum?

Video Game Curriculum? The Love to Learn Edition

This is based on a presentation given at a conference in 2012 by Tina Boster, whose biography at the conference's website says

Tina Boster is the mother of three children. She has a M.Ed. in Elementary Education, but she left her teaching career to unschool her children when her oldest son was reprimanded by his teacher for spending too much time reading about ancient Rome. She believes strongly in the philosophy of “Follow the child,” and her personal motto is, “I’m raising kids now; I’ll clean the house later.” She is a life-long learner and self-taught knitter. She is also part of a multigenerational gaming family, and she enjoys playing MMOs with her father, brother, husband, and all three of her children.
The article is one of the best I've seen on video gaming, with a long list of learning principles, and their fulfillment by gaming. Her resources list has sixteen links and no one will need to read them all to be persuaded of her point. After reading her blog post, you might not need to read any of them. :-)

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