Sunday, November 17, 2013

John Holt on Phil Donahue, 1981

Pat Farenga just put this up on YouTube. Some wonderful things: It's a full epdisode, and not chopped into little parts, AND that it was still around, AND that Pat has put it where everyone can watch it. I saw part of that episode when it was new, before I had kids, and remembered it, but that was before home VCRs, pretty well. (I certainly didn't have one until 1986 or so.)

There are comments on the YouTube page, if you want to join the discussion there:

Renee Cabatic shared it on Facebook, and wrote "Did you notice Kirk Cameron in the Hamburger Helper ad?"


Amanda said...

1981? Seriously?! If you look past the clothes and hair, it could be a show from this year!! The same ignorant stigmas are attached to homeschooling/unschooling and the same silly questions are still asked. Oh, and the media still portrays thier same horrible spin on it. This is crazy! You would think we as a society would have evolved more. Hopefully one day this "crazy" homescholing thing will actually "take off" (as Phil said). Actually, homeschooling has taken off but society has yet to catch up. Shameful

Edgar Gutierrez said...
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Edgar Gutierrez said...

The unschooling movement is getting more popular. Here are some great websites that promote the movement:

Does anyone have the other John Holt appearances on Donahue?