Sunday, May 21, 2017

Unschooling in Canada: Addressing Common Concerns

Addressing Some Common Unschooling Concerns, by Tammy Mackenzie, at the Rédaq webaite (RÉDAQ: Le Réseau des écoles démocratiques au Québec).

This article is a response to the National Post’s article by Sarah Boesveld: Unschooling: Raising Independent Trailblazers or Lazy Free Floaters?
Notes from Sandra Dodd: This Anational Post article is from 2011, and the author interviewed Dr. Carlo Ricci and Pam Laricchia, both unschooling parents in Ontario, and a mom in British Columbia named Anita Roy.

The top-linked article addresses the objections posed by an education professor who (as usual with such obligatory "other side" balancing quotation) didn't know much about unschooling, and is over-selling the current school system, too. So that's not surprising.

The response was written in May 2017, but except that some of the teens mentioned in 2011 being adults now, it's still timely. People will still be finding both pieces of writing years from now, so I'm glad to link Tammy Mackenzie's blog post, to balance "the expert" and his (expected) misrepresentation of unschooling (AND, in this case, of public schools).

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