Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Toilet training

I've just spent the past couple of hours continuing my plumbing education - in an unschooling sort of way, of course. Since both of our toilets decided to quit working at the same time, I didn't have much choice. The neighbors like us just fine, but loaning the use of one's toilet on a regular basis would probably strain even the best of neighborly relationships. Had my dear husband been home, he'd have called a plumber, but how much fun is that?

So, one Home Depot trip for toilet guts, a few hours of slopping around in the tanks while trying to decipher cryptic directions, and about $20 later, we're back in business. I tried my best to spark a plumbing interest in my kids, but alas, it appears that both take after their father when it comes to fixing toilets.


Let's Homeschool said...

You are hilarious! I commend you for at least showing your children that you (and in turn, they) are capable of taking on the challenge yourself! Good for you! I would have called the plumber! :) You are a really good mom!

Almost Lazarus said...

Soggy ground + septic tank makes my RV one of my favorite homeschooling tools.

mom2radata said...

We do most of our own stuff but dh is no better at it than I am. The clueless leading the clueless.