Friday, July 28, 2006

News sources and resources

Laura is so busy with fun things she forgot this blog was here, and has opened the back door for some others to rev and revive. So I'm dusting off the chairs and turning on the coffeemaker and it's okay if there are few to no customers because it's a big wide internet.

How do you get homeschooling news, if you do, or if you like that sort of thing? I use Yahoo! Alerts, which is why I got to read "Why I'm an Unschooling Mom" by Jan Zeiger, on BellaOnline, a site I'd never even heard of! And from that article there are were other links. Here it is:

If you want to set up Yahoo alerts to your own e-mail, go here: (I get them to show me new articles about Sam Rockwell and Russell Crowe, too. You can get snow reports, sports, custom auto mentions...)

What are some other ways and means for gathering news? Any favorite sites, feeds, lists, or tricks? If knowledge is power, let's empower the heck out of anyone who happens by here.


laura said...

First, thanks for reviving this thing. I never let it go because I kept thinking I'd get back to blogging eventually. Obviously, procrastination is one of my strong suits.

As far as homeschooling news goes, I also use google alerts (much like yahoo alerts).

As for other news, well, FARK makes me laugh every day, though I'm almost embarassed to admit it. Yeah, it can be crude and juvenile, but it's often hilariously funny, too. And there's plain bizarre stuff - great conversation starters.

Sandra Dodd said...

The forum has a folder called News Reports and though some of the articles are older, they'll still be new if you haven't seen them!

Jan said...

Thanks for mentioning my article!

kelly lovejoy said...

Jan's here in South Carolina---maybe even Columbia (?). She just started a new liberal homeschoolers' e-group in response to that ridiculous local post I sent you about gay marriage.

It's a *very* small group! But she got several of us who are just so tired of the far-right nuts here in SC.


Jan said...


We're trying to get to Columbia, but we still haven't sold our house. I hope we get to SC soon!

As for the liberal group, I'm hoping it will grow soon!! :)