Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"Unschooled" on National Public Radio

Pam Tellew wrote:
My oldest son Sam's radio story "Unschooled" will be airing today (his 17th birthday) on NPR's All Things Considered the last 10 minutes of the hour. It's up online in print (audio later) on the All Things Considered web site http://www.npr.org/2011/06/06/137009154/unschooled-how-one-kid-is-grateful-he-stayed-home

This is something Sam decided to do all on his own. I only got to read it just now and still haven't heard the audio.

With summer on the horizon, many teens are looking forward to a break from school and tests. But for Sam Fuller of Albany, Calif., not much is going to change. Fuller is part of a rare minority of home-schoolers who call themselves "unschooled" — a more unstructured, self-directed form of home schooling. There are about 2 million registered home-schoolers in the U.S., a number that grows by about 10 percent a year. Sam's family can keep Sam and his brother home by registering their house as a private school.

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MikeVV said...

Sam, I appreciate your experience based learning style. I have discovered that the internet is a wonderful place to experiment, research and practice it. Using a curriculum driven by your life's priorities as opposed to a teacher's agenda makes learning (for you) interesting and applicable. (It is also impossible for a teacher to incorporate into a class room setting with numerous pupils.) Check out the examples on http://analysischamp.com/eex/expeval.asp for learning tools that I developed with the same "un-schooled" approach.