Friday, June 03, 2011

"Wonder Room"

Schuyler Waynforth sent a link to an article on a school in the UK that created "a wonder room." Below this link and quote, I'll link a couple of pages from my unschooling site.

A Wonder Room – every school should have one
The Nottingham University Samworth academy has a room packed with curiosities and puzzles that stimulate pupils' imaginations, and generate a sense of wonder

Chris Arnot
The Guardian, Tuesday 31 May 2011
He firmly believes the idea should catch on. "I think every school should have a place where wonder can be celebrated. Being interested in seeds, literally and metaphorically, I'm keen to see this idea germinate and spread."

There seems little reason why it shouldn't at a time when schools are said to be cutting visits to museums and galleries because of the cost of supply teachers to cover staff absences.

"Your House as a Museum":


Rather than visiting a wonder room on occasion, unschoolers can have the whole world as their wonder room.

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k said...

Love this idea, and I'm thinking about all the random things in the house that my daughter is attracted to play with, explore, find uses for and ask questions about. Also, I love that she is two years old and that unschooling doesn't have to "wait" until "kindergarten".